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Diversify your portfolio into the alternative residential real estate asset class offers Co-GP capital participation on a deal-by-deal basis or via a Coinvest Fund.

Meet Coinvest provides sponsors with Co-GP capital to capitalize the equity position in joint venture real estate transactions.

We arrange a capital stack for the sponsor that includes debt, Co-GP capital and the sponsor's own equity contribution.

Our simple process provides a single, reliable institutional source for Co-GP investment capital to empower entrepreneurs to do more deals.

Monitor and manage your equity investments

Using a comprehensive platform, developed in partnership with Chromia and Bloqhouse Technologies, look through at your equity investments as projects progress.

We're also working with Chromia to spearhead paths from crypto to real estate entrepreneurship.

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A new paradigm

Experience the benefits of real estate asset participation across the capital stack

Traditional Debt Participation
Debt Only
5-7% returns / Max 7% cash-on-cash
No upside split
Fix & Flip, Bridge, ReFi, Small Multifamily
First Lien Position
Invest through a fund, no oversight
Fund is on the title
Low leverage, due to foreclosures
Singular asset acquisition/disposition Capital Stack Participation
Debt & Equity
Preferred return of 10% / Avg. 10-35% CoC after upside
35-50% profit sharing
Fix & Flip, New Construction, Bridge, ReFi, Small & Large Multifamily
Partial Ownership, 2nd Lien Position
Direct syndication & escrow account
Investor is on the title
Series LLC structure to avoid foreclosure
Multi-asset acquisition/disposition opportunities

Invest in real estate in Crypto with

Slow acceptance and fear of regulation have kept the real estate industry gated for crypto investors. We're building a path forward for investors looking to invest their crypto into real estate.

Diversify into the real estate asset class through alternative modalities that capture the highest rates of return in the asset class
Benefit from the significant tax-based incentives for real estate investing
Invest with confidence through a platform developed by a team of experienced real estate and blockchain experts dedicated to driving the intersection of real estate and crypto forward.

Capitalize on real estate inflation like never before.

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