We coinvest with real estate entrepreneurs.

Do more deals with less hassle. Amplify your investing efforts.

Your project is fully financed
Drywall is 100% complete!

The perfect joint venture partner.

A coinvestment partnership with Fund.me adds value at every stage of the process.


Get connected to the capital you need to financing your project, up to 100% financing with quick closing.


Efficiently move from acquisition to execution with a detailed project blueprint and full transparency at every step.


Leverage our network of vetted partners and contractors along with a dedicated Fund.me project success manager.

Project Size
$200k to $1.5MM
Project Length
3 to 12 Months
Renovation Budget
$10k to $200k
Less than 70% of ARV
Property Type
SFRs, Condos, Townhomes

Is your deal a fit?

Though we partner with investors to execute projects of varying sizes and scopes, the majority of our deals fall within these specifications. Get started today, or speak to an advisor to see if your deal is a fit.

Everything is coordinated, planned, and sourced for you.

Fund.me is by your side, from acquisition to close. We'll provide you with a project blueprint to effectively execute your deal, as well as a vetted network of lenders, contractors, and other partners for a smooth, stress-free process.

A true partnership.

Fund.me goes beyond the traditional co-investment model. Co-investing with us gives you the capacity to execute more deals without needing to worry about financing, planning, or sourcing contractors and materials - all while still taking home up to 60% of the profit.1

What you do

Up to 5.5% downpayment
Monitor & manage project progress
Track expenses & deadlines
Engage with project stakeholders

What we do

Provide up to 100% financing
Complete, start-to-finish project blueprint
Dedicated project success manager
Network of vetted contractors & materials
1Profit splits are determined on a per-deal basis, based upon deal details and the investor's history with Fund.me.

"I was reconsidering my flipping career because of how time-consuming it was to iron out the details on each project. Fund.me gave me new life."

Andrew Nguyen — Los Angeles, CA

Grow your real estate investing career with us.

Redondo Beach, CA
Fix & Flip
Project Margin
9 months
San Jose, California
Fix & Flip
Project Margin
9 months
Long Beach, California
Fix & Flip
Project Margin
9 months