Co-investing to build the future of Fix & Flip.

Contribute as little as 3%. No monthly payments or interest reserves.

Your project is fully financed
Drywall is 100% complete!

The perfect joint venture partner to take your capital further.

Co-investing with adds value at every stage of the deal.


Get connected to the capital you need to finance your project, up to 97% LTC financing with quick closing.


Execute with confidence with a detailed project blueprint and support throughout the process.


Leverage our network of reliable, professional vendors and contractors, independently vetted by

Project Size
$500k to $10MM
Project Length
3 to 18 Months
Renovation Budget
$75k to $3MM
Less than 70% of ARV
California, Texas & Florida
Property Type
SFRs, Condos, Townhomes

Is your deal a fit?

While we co-invest on projects of varying sizes and scopes, the majority of our deals fall within these parameters. Speak to an advisor today to see if your deal is a fit.

With you from acquisition to exit.

We'll provide you with a project blueprint to effectively execute your deal, as well as a vetted network of lenders, contractors, and other partners for a smooth, stress-free process.

What is “co-investing”? goes beyond the traditional joint venture model. We give you the capacity to execute more deals without needing to worry about financing, planning, or sourcing contractors and materials - all while still taking home up to 60% of the profit.1

What you do

As little as 3% down
Oversee project progress
Track expenses & deadlines
Engage with project stakeholders

What we do

Provide up to 97% financing
Detailed project blueprint
Dedicated support
Network of vetted contractors & vendors
1Profit splits are determined on a per-deal basis, based upon the deal, the investor, and the investor's history with

"I was reconsidering my flipping career because of how time-consuming it was to iron out the details on each project. gave me new life."

Andrew Nguyen — Los Angeles, CA

Grow your real estate investing career with us.

Redondo Beach, CA
Fix & Flip
Project Margin
9 months
San Jose, California
Fix & Flip
Project Margin
9 months
Long Beach, California
Fix & Flip
Project Margin
9 months