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Need long term financing for your next multi-family? This is the loan for that.

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Multi-family Rental Requirements

  • Type of Loan

    Long Term Rental

  • Term

    5-30 Year Term

  • Property Types

    Multi-family (5+ Units)

  • Single property


  • Portfolio


  • Loan amounts

    $150,000 - $10,000,000

  • Maximum LTV


  • Minimum credit score


  • Debt-to-income to borrower


  • Minimum number of properties


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Answer a few simple questions about yourself and let us know about your property.

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Choose the loan scenario that makes the most sense for your deal.

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Upload the requested documents relating to the property and some information about yourself.

Manage Timelines & Closing 📅

You can manage the entire process on your dashboard from start to finish.

Close Your Deal 💰

Pending appraisals, we can close within 24 to 48hours. dashboard screenshot

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